SC Pilates - Pilates classes in Fife
SC Pilates - Pilates classes in Fife

Our Prices

4-Week Block | £25

A friendly, welcoming group atmosphere

Group mat classes are run in 4-week blocks, which cost £25 per block. The first 4 weeks will give you a chance to start feeling the benefits of Pilates. You will be able to begin making that commitment to yourself each week, knowing that you are working towards a healthier mind and body. The best results are achieved through the regular practice of Pilates and coming to class every week will allow you to feel the most benefit.

1:1 Session | £25/hour

Solo sessions, where you can focus on yourself

If you feel you don't want to join a Pilates class, or just don't want to right now, then why not try 1:1 sessions? You may prefer a more individual experience, focusing just on yourself. It may be that you have an injury, or another health issue, and don't feel you want to join a group class just yet. 1:1 sessions are priced at £25 per hour.

If this sounds like you, then feel free to get in touch! You can get in touch with me on 07999 355954, email me at or via Facebook/Facebook Messenger to book a session. You can find my contact details on the Contact Us page.

*All prices correct at time of publishing.

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